I’ve been thinking about physical spaces lately; the places in which we live, work, and relax. Specifically, about how to shape your environment in the ways that work best for you.

I’m not talking about putting a ball-pit in your living room or rock-climbing holds on your ceiling here. Although…

When do you choose to do very hard things?

Some people take on all-comers — at least when they have the bandwidth. Some are reactive — they have something to prove. Others, still, are more strategic.

What is your strategy? Can you sum it up in a sentence or two…

Last week, I shared how I’d received my first dose of the AZ vaccine. This prompted an anti-vaxxer to write me an email. It contained strong, heartfelt arguments, as well as a smorgasbord of horrors. It made me pause. My career is centred around health, so if this is the…

The song remains the same friends.

  • What’s the use of doing something small?
  • What’s good would this do?
  • What’s the point?

The question is phrased in different ways. But — in all incarnations — it asks the same thing:

Why me do small thing?”

Let’s move past your grammar and…

Looking at the feedback from Phyiscal Presence (a program the uses movement and exercise strategies for mood and focus), we learned some things. Meaningful progress showed up in a few major themes:

  1. Increases in exercise consistency
    We eliminated barriers to getting started and used shorter, more tailored workouts. …

When I was seven or so, I asked my dad why he thought communism was so bad. The answer I got was stock: “If everyone is provided for, then some people will take advantage of the system by not working.” I remember waiting for the other shoe to drop. …

Call it latent Puritanism if you want; I am still guilty of judging things by hard they feel. “No emotional pain, no gain.” Something like that. So, as dramatically as I’ve improved, I will sometimes still underrate the value of something that doesn’t feel astringent.

I think we all do…

The Stoics are so hot right now

Those Ancient Greek philosophers are everywhere these days with their no nonsense wisdom. Thank Ryan Holliday, I guess. I’m happy but have one concern: I suspect that a lot of people are interpreting this work as encouragement to tough their way through everything.

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